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With twelve years in the profession, Chef Kaylee Davenport --co-owner of James Perry Catering-- and her team of experienced chefs are continuously challenging the boundaries of culinary imagination and breaking new ground as one of Northern Michigan's extraordinary catering companies. As the premier caterer for Kirkbride Hall at the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, James Perry Catering is privy to hosting a wide range of upscale events that is sure to make any moment in life unforgettable.

Est. 2019


Modern food, remembering the past.

As Executive Manager, Kelsi Davenport, began working inside the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, she was inspired to create a business dedicated to those who influenced the grounds James Perry Catering works on today. Doctor James Munson, the first Medical Director of Northern Michigan's Asylum, played a pivotal role in creating the groundwork for healing the mentally ill in Northern Michigan. Perry Hannah, also known as "The Father of Traverse City," donated forty acres of his own land to the Asylum upon its creation and is said to have convinced the board of directors to build the Northern Michigan Asylum in Traverse City rather than other northern cities. If it weren't for James Munson and Perry Hannah, we might not have the fascinating history of the Northern Michigan Asylum that we have today. 


Chef Kaylee, and Executive Manager Kelsi highly encourage taking a tour of the grounds at the Village in order to truly understand and respect the history of Northern Michigan's Asylum.


Innovator, Creator, Entrepreneur, Chef.

Chef Kaylee Davenport is many things, but one character trait is for certain; dedicated culinary artist. While building her first business in Traverse City, FYT Health Foods, she most often stated, "I miss being in my kitchen" as she thumbed through paperwork and file cabinets. Once off the ground, she began her days in the wee hours of the night -three a.m. to be exact - baking quiches, prepping aioli, and sautéing an aromatic combination of garlic, onions, and pepper. Yet, it still wasn't enough to satisfy the hunger that so many chefs have. Her outlet, the business to give her that culinary artist's relief? James Perry Catering. Each plate is like a canvas for the chef to paint on; each serving is like a story the chef is telling; and each catering allows Chef Kaylee to put her passion where it goes best - the food.

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